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Medicare Insurance

Getting older means you’re entitled to certain benefits, including Medicare. This is a national health insurance program that benefits those who are 65 and older (in addition to some younger Americans with a disability). As with any health insurance, things can get quite confusing, which is why our agents want to help guide when choosing your Medicare policy.

There are four Parts to Medicare and our agents are well versed in all of them. Part A covers hospital, skilled nursing and hospice services. Part B covers all outpatient services, including some providers’ services while at a hospital, outpatient hospital charges and office visits for offices that reside in a hospital. Part D covers prescription drugs that are self-administered. Part C is a supplement insurance that’s called Medicare Advantage or Managed Medicare.

For many, Medicare enrollment can be tedious, extensive and something they don’t want to do on their own. That’s where our agents can help! They’ll walk you through the coverage, application and help you obtain Medicare coverage.

Medicare Insurance

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