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UnitedHealthcare Expanding Medicare Advantage In 2021

UnitedHealthcare Expanding Medicare Advantage In 2021

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UnitedHealthcare is planning a huge expansion in 2021! They will expand their Medicare Advantage insurance plans to  new service areas. They currently already have 6.5 million people enrolled in this plan and after they expand to new areas, they expect to reach another 3.2 million individuals across 300 counties in the United States. This is their largest expansion in the past five years.

They also stated that many of their plans would have zero copays for any primary care, routine visions, behavioral health visits, hearing exams, mammograms, colonoscopies and cardiac rehab. Plus, they also plan on waiving any copays for medical and behavioral telehealth visits.

It seems that they’re not the only ones looking to expand their Medicare Advantage offerings next year, too! Other insurers – like Cigna and Humana – have also announced plans to do the same.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage insurance plans are actually a newer form of coverage that allows beneficiaries to get government-funded benefits from managed care plans, which are run by private insurers. These plans often have lower premiums, which is great for those on fixed incomes. However, it should be noted that some Medicare Advantage plans don’t offer a lot of choices when it comes to hospitals and doctors. Many times, those who want to go with a traditional Medicare insurance program often choose to obtain supplemental Medigap insurance polices as a way to lower their out-of-pocket expenses.

Don’t let figuring out which Medicare policy you should obtain be confusing. Instead, let us help you navigate the overwhelming information surrounding Medicare, so that you find a plan with a policy that best fits your budget! We’ll run all the numbers for you, and provide you with all your options. Want to learn more about Medicare insurance or need help figuring out which policy is best? Contact us today!

UnitedHealthcare Expanding Medicare Advantage In 2021

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