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What is the Future of the ACA Under the Biden Administration

What is the Future of the ACA Under the Biden Administration

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, has been a topic of political debate since its enactment in 2010. Under the Obama administration, the ACA expanded access to healthcare for millions of Americans. However, under the Trump administration, the law was weakened through a series of executive orders and legislative changes. Now, with the Biden administration in power, there are questions about the future of the ACA.

Biden’s Plans for the ACA

During his campaign, President Biden promised to protect and expand the ACA. One of his first actions in office was to sign an executive order aimed at strengthening the ACA and expanding access to healthcare. The order called for a special enrollment period for the ACA marketplace and for federal agencies to review policies that may undermine the ACA.

Potential Changes to the ACA

There are several potential changes that the Biden administration could make to the ACA. One of the most significant changes would be to expand access to healthcare by increasing subsidies for ACA marketplace plans. The administration could also make changes to Medicaid, which was expanded under the ACA but has been rolled back in some states.

Another potential change is the addition of a public option, which would allow individuals to purchase a government-run insurance plan. The public option was a part of Biden’s campaign platform, and it would provide an additional choice for individuals seeking healthcare coverage.

Challenges Ahead

Despite the Biden administration’s plans to protect and expand the ACA, there are still challenges ahead. The Supreme Court is set to hear a case challenging the constitutionality of the ACA, and a decision is expected in the coming months. Additionally, there may be opposition from congressional Republicans who have long opposed the ACA.


The future of the ACA under the Biden administration is uncertain, but there are plans in place to protect and expand access to health care. By increasing subsidies, expanding Medicaid, and potentially adding a public option, the administration hopes to provide more affordable healthcare options for Americans. However, challenges lie ahead, and the fate of the ACA will depend on the decisions of lawmakers and the courts.

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What is the Future of the ACA Under the Biden Administration

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